Sharing Experiences….

I am definitely all about sharing experiences.  It’s a way of helping others who are in a similar position to you.  We don’t know what is going on in each others lives, but by talking, it opens gateways. Today I want to share how a shy mother of two young boys, found herself in the […]

International Women’s Day!

I just love this day, being recognised and recognising some of my women entrepreneurs and my friends for the hard work and efforts that they do in raising families and putting together a business generating an income that’s making a difference to the lives of their families. More and more women are looking to have […]

Message for working mums 

Hello, I’ve left you a lovely video message above please do take time out to hear me out. If you’re a working mum or if you would like to work for yourself around your family or your children then please do you definitely listen to my message and to follow my blog. This is about […]