50 Reasons To Exercise

Totally different mode here. However, exercise is really important to keeping you healthy and improving your productivity.  Most people work and don’t think about the health side of their life.  We should look holistically in every aspect, physical, mind, health, […]

Reasons to Exercise

To Do List

Time Management: Daily Method Of Operation

If you think you’re busy with a full time job working 40 hours a week, most people would say they haven’t got time to do anything else. However if you want to change your life and your lifestyle, time can […]

You Know It’s That Time When

Morning! I woke up today feeling energised and focussed. I have never felt such clarity in all my life! Today is the day I officially retire my boss! It feels good! I would say, 99% of the people that I […]


Life is a challenge

Planned Coincidences?

This may seem really weird. But at the beginning of this week I was led to a webinar by Eric Worre. The webinar was about how to recruit 20 people within 30 days. Within that webinar Eric mentioned his latest […]

My Thoughts on Going Pro by Eric Worre

I recently listed to a webinar by network marketing professional Eric Worre.  It was a great webinar and is currently only online for the next few hours.I’ll put a link to it below this post. Listen to my video and […]


Doing A Little Can Lead To A lot!

Really? Most of us struggle with time! But, if it is used really effectively you can get a lot completed in a little amount of time. It all takes good planning. Most people starting up a home business are working […]

Can You Have Success Without Knowing Your Why?

Several years ago, when I first stated up in network marketing I was asked about my reason for wanting to start up a home business. Back then my why was very clear and obvious. I had two young boys, and […]



Importance Of Attending Events

If you are new in Network Marketing, you will have heard your sponsor talk about attending events to help your business grow. This weekend is the Vi UK launch and I am so proud and excited to be a part […]

How My Plan B Turned Into My A-Game

Today’s post is about a customer within my primary business, who went to an event, and then decided to become a promoter.  The reason my posting his story is to show that if you have customers who love your products, […]

Jason Silverthorn


Shiny Object Syndrome

Did you know that magpies love shiny bright things and often take them to put them in their nest. It is said that they do this to attract partners. The same can be said for most of these offers that […]