John C Maxwell on Leadership and Life

25 Lessons Learned from John Maxwell Here are 25 key lessons that capture and distill what I think are some of the most important insights from John Maxwell: Leadership is influence.   Maxwell defines leadership as influence.  It’s simple, effective, and precise.  In The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Maxwell says, “True leadership cannot be awarded, […]

5 Thoughts That Could Improve Your Outlook On Life

If you could think of 5 things that could change your life right now what would they be?  Many of us just live the daily grind, day to day and even though we know that there is better out there for us, we are too ‘scared’ to go and find it.  Too often we are […]


Ten Powerful Marketing Tips for the Small Business

This is a great article I came across in one of my Linkedin Groups and thought I would share this on here.    By Tracey HassallMarketing Manager at AFI International Traders 1. Print your best small ad on a postcard and mail it to prospects in your targeted market.  People read postcards when the message is […]

Eric Worre

GO Pro – How To Recruite 20 People in 30 Days – My Review

Another great book I was introduced to by my mentor Lara Zimmern is by one of the greatest network marketer and teachers out there at the moment –  Eric Worre. In my opinion, every network marketer and sales person needs to read this or listen to it, whether you are new or not, whether you […]

4 Tips For Overcoming Shyness

If you have never been in the position of leading people, or having your own business, it can be pretty daunting. Even those of us who have run a business in the first instance may have had doubts as to whether they were capable of being leaders for others to follow. Time can be a […]


Car stuck in snow

Stuck On Getting Things Done?

Have you ever started something and part way through become stuck? Then you leave it for awhile, and then it seems like a very long while! When this happens, do you get demotivated and seem unable to pick up where you left off? We have all been there at some point. What I have found […]