My Top 10 Tips For New Entrepreneurs

Most people are looking for a way of earning an additional income on a monthly basis. It doesn’t matter where you are whether you are in the UK or overseas, economies are getting tighter and tighter. Taxes are increasing as time goes on. Jobs are shrinking, where we once upon a time you had a […]



Thoughts of the day!  Don’t Over a Think Things

I was inspired to write this blog post, mainly because I have these thoughts that go through my mind on a daily basis. I’m sure you do too and I thought it would be a good way to get them out and to share with others so that others may benefit from them.    Sometimes […]


Failures lead to Success If You Keep Trying

Ever seen or observed a baby about to learn to walk? We as Adults could learn a lot about determination from them. I have a 15 month old grandson, Who has just started to learn to walk. Just to see the sheer determination of him trying to standing up, stay up, testing his balance, then […]

Following Your Passion|Has It Been A Year Already?

This time last year I handed in my resignation in order to pursue my dreams of running my own health and wellness business. I wanted to share with my followers why you should look at following your passion, and not wait until it is too late.   If you have a strong belief and a […]

I Love Fear! Do you?

I have been a network marketer for the last nine years. Within that time I have seen people come and go. I have seen systems change. Off-line market go to online market go back to off-line market again. One thing I have learned is that failure depends less on external factors but more on the […]



Are You Being Sold To?

I’m listening to Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone and it’s a fascinating book . If you are a network marketer, all you are into sales then this is a must read or listen to. Grant can come over as being aggressive in the way he tackles and approaches his market, but he has […]