What Are Your Intentions?

We all have dreams and goals. However many of us don’t put them to paper. This is where the majority failed to achieve their goals or realise their dreams. When you were a child, do you remember when you wanted something so badly you would go to a catalogue and cut out the picture of […]



Daily Motivation

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Getting Business Savvy

What a lovely day today. I’m in Ealing in the park and writing my blog post to you all. Running a business is not easy that is why there is crazy statistic that says 97% of businesses fail within their first three to five years, and only did 3% succeed! What does it take to […]


Earnest Ross Vi Millionnaire

When You Enjoy What You Do It Is Not Work!

A few months ago, I was working for the government in a regular 9-5 job.  It was only 18months prior to that, where I had left a previous employer to work for this new employer. We have all been there right, where you feel undervalued, stale and the red tape gets to you and beats […]

How Far Would You Go To Make Sacrifices For Your Financial Freedom? 2

If you are a mother, you know about making sacrifices.  A mother would do anything for her children.  I don’t know how many times when things where hard back in the day and I heaped my children’s plate with food, while I didn’t have enough to feed myself, but ate their scraps. I would get […]

Motivation: Have you Figured It Out?

Why did you come on board with your primary company? When someone joins a Network Marketing company, they usually have a reason, they need additional income, usually FAST! Or they are dissatisfied with their current life conditions, be it work or home life.  This is a training session for leaders to help strengthen their mindset […]


Do You Have a Full Time Job You Want To Get Out Off? Here Are My Thoughts..

So many people make excuses about not having enough time to join a direct selling or network marketing business, yet if you look at how your day / time is structured, there are lots of opportunities to work on building a better future for yourself and your family. In my video below I go through […]