Morning Coffee Break!

Good morning hope you’re having a lovely day, I started my day 7 o’clock this morning it’s now 1030 and I thought I’d have a coffee break. SO here is my thoughts from my morning periscope Been inspired takes a lot of personal development, a big reason why, and a passion so big that you […]



Things I Have learned to change my life story so can you… 

✨✨ LONG POST ✨✨ You’ll often hear things like the time is hard, the economy is bad, there are no jobs, she is lucky, when things are better, etc etc etc. Truth is that might be true but it’s also true that while some are complaining others are planning. Even when there are no jobs […]

What is it about this ‘miracle’ herb Chaga?

I had never heard of Chaga until I joined forces with Total Life Changes a Health and Wellness company.  So as a nutritionist I had to delve in to find out more about this herb and its properties. The first thing I found was that the anti-oxidant levels of this herb is through the roof.  […]



The truth about slim p.m. and losing weight while you sleep

  Who wouldn’t like to get fit, healthy and lean while they sleep with Iaso Slim PM? It is a question that does not bring up divided opinions, as it’s something that everyone who has struggled with weight issues have dreamed of. It is no secret that we as people love resting and sleeping and […]

Why Everyone Should Detox

Have you heard of Iaso Detox Tea? It is a powerful detox cleanser. It can be used for all people, not just for those overweight. Everybody needs a detox why? Remove toxins from the body We are all exposed to pollution, cancer-causing chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, heavy metals, stress which all affects our metabolism I’ll behaviour […]


Motivation: Have you Figured It Out?

Why did you come on board with your primary company? When someone joins a Network Marketing company, they usually have a reason, they need additional income, usually FAST! Or they are dissatisfied with their current life conditions, be it work or home life.  This is a training session for leaders to help strengthen their mindset […]


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Get Ready For Monday….

New Cleanse session starts Monday eighth of August ☕️☕️ Drop 5lbs in 5 days We all need a good cleanse and detox every now and then. If you live in the city, if you are stressed, if you are overweight, if you are on medication then detoxing is a great way to get rid of […]