If you are not a natural seller, what can you do to be successful at it?

I used to worry that I wouldn’t be good at ‘selling’ things in my network marketing company when I first started out.  However, because I was

passionate about the industry I was in, I found it easy to talk about the products to others.  And guess what?  The more I shared stories about the product and how good it was, the more ‘sales’ I received.

What I learned on this journey was that facts do tell people about the products and the industry you are in, and yes it can be impressive, or even dull in most cases, but the real stories about people using the products is what gets others interested in wanting to know a bit more.

Many years ago a Jim Rohn book I was ready said we should be good at telling stories.  He was a great story teller himself.  He had a way with words that captivated his audience, made you feel like you were the only one in the room, even though there were hundreds if not thousands of others.

Jim Rohn  always advocated, Facts TELL and Stories SELL!

So, that always stuck with me, be a good storyteller.  Let’s face it, many of us go by word of mouth these days, if you were getting your kitchen done, and a friend new of someone who recently go theirs done, they would automatically refer that person to you, and nine times out of ten, you would follow through with that and get a quote.  When, in Network Marketing the method of making sales is identical.  We are a referal marketing industry and alot of people you talk to are not going to join your business, well not first off anyway, but thats ok, you have not sprouted two heads or scales.  As for referrals, always always ask for referrals.  As them who do they now is ready to start up with you now.

Look at Michael Jordan, he wasnt a natural basket ball player, he just had the height, but he put in alot of effort, time and pratice to be the number on in his profession.

Colnel Sanders (yes the one of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame), he started his business in his 70’s, and he was rejected many times about his idea to have a chicken shop with his identical recipe for chicken in breadcrumbs.

Edison took over 10,000 tries to create a light bulb, and eventually he succeeded.  Image if he had give up earlier in the process, I would have found it very hard to survive in the winter dark days and nights.

So what if you suck at talking to people about your business, uou might have to start out with a script, but make that script yours, own it.  Keep talking to people daily, you will get better.  The more you talk the more you gain confidence, the more you find what works for you.

If you feel fearful picking up the phone, just do it! you never know if opportunity is on the end of the phone.  What can the caller do to you? All they can say is NO, sorry not interested.  But NO is never a NO it is only a NO not know, the timing isn’t right.

My point is, don’t quit.  All the above took years and years of practice and perfecting each area before tthese people were recognised as being superstars. Success never happens overnight, it is a journey, one that can take an eternity, or one that seems to escalate pretty quickly.   As the quote says, what you lack in talent you can make up for in desire, hustle and giving what you focus on 110%.

Sometimes you also have to remind yourself this, as it is easy to forget!

To your success!

So tell me what other tips or advice do you have to overcome the fear of not making sales in your business? Share the Gossip in the comments below,  we all want to learn and improve our game. 



Self Talk – The Realisation

In todays post I wanted to go through how important it is to have a more positive mental attitude.  It is so important how you talk to yourself internally.  It really does affect your confidence, your ability to function and many other areas in your life.

I know from first hand experience.  My life changed over 15 years ago now ever since I went on a personal journey to find myself.

Listen up to my short podcase (5 minutes) on how important self realisation is and what you can do to get around negativity within you.


Let me know your thinking below 🙂

Got No Energy – Am I a SAD case?

Photo Courtesy of David OakesSometimes especially first thing in the morning in winter months, I  struggle with my energy levels, I am normally a morning person when it comes to getting the most things done.  However, during the winter I struggle with getting up. 

I swear I suffer from the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) syndrome. If you have never heard of this, it is when the winter months affect your mood, your mindset, your energy and your mental health.  Some people get depressed, withdraw into themselves, struggle to get the day started, feel over tired, you get the drift….  Apparently over 2million people suffer from this in the UK and more that 12 million across Europe.


When it is summer I normally spring out of bed and into crazy action mode as soon as daylight hits the curtains, but in the winter it is a struggle for me to get out of bed in the dark, I feel tired, slouchy and no energy.

So what can I do about it?

  • I really need to invest in a SAD clock or light box. I’ve heard that they help you wake up more naturally in the dark winter months.  It works by gently creating a sunrise effect in your bedroom.  So when you set your alarm, it will begin an artificial sunrise 30 minutes before the alarm is due.  There are also clocks that have natural noises, such as birdsong, water etc.  I know for me just the sound of the birds tweeting and seeing daylight will get me up in a much more agreeable mood.
  • More importantly especially as I live in the UK, suffering from a lack of Vitamin D does not help with your energy levels.   So from September to April I take vitamin D supplementation.  Not only does Vitamin D help with bone health, it also helps with mood also.
  • Walking – yes that’s right walking helps according to Seasonal Affective Disorder Association (SADA).     They recommend a one hour walk in the middle of the day can help you cope with the winter blues.
  • Eat Healthy – in the winter months you are more prone to eating stodgy foods and putting weight on, this doesn’t help the situation. So eat less carbohydrates and more fruits and vegetables.
  • Get out and about into the sunlight as much as possible. This will help you feel much better, I know 🙂
  • Take up a new hobby, one that will keep you occupied and stop you thinking about the dark days and nights. 
  • Get out there and see your friends and family more during this time.  It will improve your mental health interacting with others.
  • Seek help if you are really depressed about the cold winter months, it is better to talk to someone about it that suffer alone.  There are support groups about, you can try and find one locally, or contact your local GP for more info and advice.

I hope you found this post useful, if you have any other suggestions and ideas on how to beat the winter blues, please leave a comment below to help others reading this post. 🙂


** Photo Courtesy of David Oakes https://davidoakesimages.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/a-dark-and-damp-day-in-cumbria/


Do You Suffer From Holiday Bloating?

You are not the only one, there are hundreds if not thousands of people who suffer from discomfort, can constipation and bloating when on holiday or during the holiday period. I do too, and when we finally got around to talking about it, so does my partner.  So not it is not a strange phenomenon, it is actually more comment that most people think.

It can  make it even more uncomfortable if you suffer from IBS or are sensitive to certain foods and are unable to monitor or have control of your food as you would normally if you were at home.

So what can you do?

So here are some of my tips that may help you….

  • I take away with me Aloe Colon Cleanse tablets, and use these in the night time to help keep my bowels moving thoughout my holiday. You can buy them online, or from health food shops. Make sure it is all natural and organic.
  • You also have to remember to drink lots of liquids on holiday, and wine, spirits and beer do not count 🙂  if you are drinking alcohol, it is good practice to drink a glass of water in between each drink.  We forget that the sun is hot on holiday, and get carried away enjoying yourself!  Drink pure water every day as the first thing you consume. If you don’t like your water straight up, try this or add some lemon juice or lemon slices.Herbal tea is also great but avoid coffee and tea as much as possible and if you do choose to include them drink extra water and fresh vegetable juice to help counter their dehydrating effects and acidity.
  • If you can try eating an apple a day, or fruits with skin on them, as this provides roughage. 
  • Do lots of walking on holiday as exercising can help to keep the bowel working. 
  • Avoid Heavily over processed foods, preferring fish and fresh or cooked vegetables rather than chips with every thing. 
  • Avoid large servings of red meats, refined sugar, cakes, cookies and refined salt, you will suffer with bloating. These foods are just not designed to go into our bodies!

SO there you go, hope these tips help you to enjoy your holiday with a nice flat stomach!

If you have any other tips or advice, please leave them below to help other readers….

Things To Think About When Looking At A Second Income Stream

With little training or experience in marketing or sales I turned over £500 in my 2nd month in business

So here I was 36 years old and no longer married, no longer had the income to support the living I had become accustomed to.  It wasn’t lavish, but comfortable for where we were in our young lives I guess.

So the shock of being a sing mum with with two  young boys aged 5 and 10 years old having to manage on my own, with no one there as back up was petrifying.


 The difference an extra salary makes hits you right away.  Not having as much disposable income, if anything not having any was scary.   I had to get really creative in the situation as I am sure many in my position would do.  I was determined to survive a seperation, survive the indignity of being labled a ‘single parent’ and survive the debts.

This drove me to look at how I could earn an income working from home without affecting my day job which was my main way to pay the bills.  At the time I had a mortgage and credit card debt to pay.  Trust me, there were times when I didnt have more than £20 in my back account which had to last me 4-5 days until pay day.  I struggled how to use the £20, do I put petrol in the car, do I top up my travel card, do I buy food?  There were times I juggled with that £20 to make it last 4 days and sometimes had to phone in sick to work, because I couldnt afford to travel in.

I found a network marketing company through a leaflet that came through my door asking for distributors.  It turned out it was a neighbour who lived a few doors down from me.  I signed up with last £1800 in savings and worked like crazy to get that money back before the month was out.  In my first month I turned over £0.04p in profit, 4pence!  Yes you saw right.  I made 4 pence, but I was so excited becausde I could see the potential of leverage and in the following month in became £500. I haven’t turned back since. 

Having a reason WHY

Key to being successful in anything you do, is the reason why you are doing what you do in the first instance.  If you dont have a passion or something to drive you, when there are days you dont feel like getting out of bed, or when you feel like not doing anything in your business, you why has to be the driver to keep you motivated.

For me, it was making the extra income to keep me paying the bills and living in a lifestyle I had accustomed myself to and my kids.  Take time to find out what your WHY is, but make sure it is one that makes you emotional, one that keeps you on track, when you go off track, are low, dissappointed or feeling rejected. 

When will you have time?

It’s important that you factor in the amount of time you will have to work on a second income, because you do have to put in the effort.  If you are looking at making an extra £500 – £1000 a month, then you will possible need to look at 8-12 hours a week.  You will need time to attend online team/business training, have time for your own self development and time to run your business daily.  

To help me I worked out my day by looking at some of the deadspots in my day, ie after the school run, driving or travelling to my full time job I was able to do some personal development, team training catch up.  During lunch times, I was able to contact people, follow up people who were interested and set appointments for the evenings.  For travelling back home I would look at more personal development, ie reading, or listening to a podcast or audiobook, or catch up with friends via phone, text, etc. as well as planning my diary and putting down thoughts as they come to me.

What to look for?

As an analyst I looked at things thoroughly, and I would advise you to do your due diligence to. Here are some pointers that may help you decide if a company is right for you:

  1. Is the company in good standing? How do you check this well you can go to several websites and do a search on the company you are intending to join.
    1. https://bestcompany.com/mlm
  2.  Do they have consumable products that customers will come back to buy from you?
  3. Is there a market place for those products or services?
  4. Are the products competitively priced? Can you see yourself using them?
  5. What are the returns policy and the cancellation policy like?
  6. What support will you get from the team / upline / enroller

Bottomline, if you can see yourself using the products, why not become a customer first, or if you have the belief that this is something you can see yourself using, and see your friends and family using, then go for it.  Passion will help, so will enthusiasm. 


Good Luck with finding a second income that makes a difference in your life!

If you felt this post was useful please leave me a comment below.