5 Thoughts That Could Improve Your Outlook On Life

If you could think of 5 things that could change your life right now what would they be? 

Many of us just live the daily grind, day to day and even though we know that there is better out there for us, we are too ‘scared’ to go and find it. 

IMG_5458-0.JPGToo often we are pushed around by our circumstances and instead of being in charge of them, we find we are being led by them. 

So here are my 5 thoughts that could improve your outlook on life and possibly help you push forward and realise your full potential. 


1. You are More than you think you are. Yes you are.  You just have to look at ALL of your qualities.  If you can’t see what they are, ask your friends, they will tell you the honest truth. 


2. If you are not failing, you are not doing.  By this I mean we all have to at least TRY something, right? If you are not trying SOMETHING then ultimately you are not doing ANYTHING, and you will end u where you have started. However when you go all out and  try, but it does’nt quite turn out right, then FAILING and learning from that failure, ensures you are MOVING FORWARD!  We have to move forward from our failures.  Do you know that the most successful people fail loads of times, but they learn from each failure and next time turn it into a success. So can you. 


3. See the Positive in every Negative. Let’s face it, shit happens, we do get dealt some awful blows at a time when things seem to be going really really well.  However, sometimes you just have to look deep into the situation to find out what the positive was.  For instance, the other day my son had a car

accident, (not his fault) and he felt so down, in fact distraught was more close to the truth… but what came out of it was that his car was fixed and had newer grills put on it.  Now a few months before he was ‘moaning’ about the scratches and little stone dents on his bonnet, but now his bonnet was getting fixed  as part of the claim.  To me, that was a positive out of the negative, also the fact that a lesson learned was to be more aware of other drivers and what they are doing, and don’t second guess that they do know what they are doing!


4. Let it Go! Yep, just like the track Frozen, if you hold onto bad vibes, negative feelings, sadness too long it will bring you down, and possibly push those around you away.  So just ‘let it go’


5. Look Forward, not back. Listen we were made with eyes in front of our heads, not behind us, so that gives you a clue as to where you should be looking right?  Too often people get stuck in the past and keep looking back over old issues / problems.  If you keep looking back, you wont see a new door opening up for you. 


If you do some if not all of these things you live will turnitself around and you will discover that there is more in life…


About Colette Morris

Colette Morris writes about her life and business experiences and insights. She is passionate about Healthy Living, and giving back to society in any way she can. A very determined lady an excellent motivator and leader who loves a challenge. She is also a very down to earth and family orientated person. If you get value from her posts, be sure to leave a comment and let her know.