50 Reasons To Exercise

Reasons to ExerciseTotally different mode here. However, exercise is really important to keeping you healthy and improving your productivity. 

Most people work and don’t think about the health side of their life.  We should look holistically in every aspect, physical, mind, health, relationships.

Without being physically well, how do you expect to run your home business. 

Taking time out to do exercise is equally important and everyone should put asisde at least 30 minutes a day to do some cardio based exercise that will work the heart. 

Weights can help to define and tone muscles and re shape your body, so this may be something you want to thing about if you are unhappy with the way you look.

Losing a few pounds can bring you back from unhealthy with lots of ailments to being healthy with improved health benefits.


Here are my top 50 reasons why you should put some exercise in your routine.


1. Improves Circulation

2. Improves and sharpens your memory

3. Great way to get rid of stress

4. Helps to control and reduce blood pressure

5. A great way to help weight management

6. Improves Agility

7. Helps to Prevent Strokes

8. Improves your sleep patterns

9. Increases energy levels

10. Great Anti- depressant

11. Prevents Muscle loss

12. Increases Metabolism and efficiency to burn fat

13. Helps keep joint stiffness away

14. Builds self esteem

15. Boosts and lifts your energy and spirit levels

16. Strengthens your bones

17. Strengthens your heart

18. Helps control addictions

19. Helps reduce anxiety

20. Great for your mental wellbeing

21. Reduces blood pressure

22. Keeps cholesterol in check

23. Reduces fat levels

24. Improves your Immune system

25. Improves your joints and flexibility

26. Great anit-ageing effects

27. Fights Dementia

28. Helps the body fight disease

29. Improved recovery rates from illness

30. Improves posture

31. Reduces levels of infections such as colds, flue etc

32. Lowers risk of diabetes

33. Improves learning mode

34. Improves sex drive and satisfaction

35. Makes you feel happier

36. Improves mood swings

37. Increased Health benefits

38. Improves sports performance

39. Improves physical looks

40. Increases pain resistance

41.Improves oxygen supply to cells in the body

42. Improves flexibility in the joints and bones

43. Eases back pain

44. Improves stamina

45. Increases strength

46. Good for you

47. Improves concentration

48. Improves self control

49. Improves your appetite

50. Improves your skin and hair

 Ok, your turn, let me know if you have found any further added benefits of exercising, feel free to leave a comment below.


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