Meet Colette Morris



Hi I’m Colette Morris.  Mother to Ramone and Kieran, and Glamma to Alex and Daniel.  I live with my partner Glenn in Reading and Hertfordshire UK.

First and foremost I love motivating, coaching and mentoring people. I love to watch them grow, and to ‘find’ their skills and purpose in life.

I believe we all have a purpose, some know what theirs is, others need to search and find it.



Me with my wonderful partner Glenn

It took me a while to find mine. My vocation is being empathic towards others.  I pick up on vibes, and being a good listener it also helps to find their motivation button, to help them improve their health and wellbeing and mindset along the way.



I have been a professional network marketer  for the last 13 years on and off.  In the last 4 years I have begun appreciating my position as an entrepreneur, appreciating how much my life has changed, the quality of my lifestyle and the opportunities that have and continue to come my way.  


Too often you get dragged away from your dreams by reality.  

Personal Development played a big part in my getting through the ‘shit’and the tough times, and having gone through some trials and tribulations personally and mentally, I thought I was on my own, it wasn’t until through talking to my ‘sisters’ women, friends, fellow networkers, that  I recognise that there are many of us out there going through similar struggles, having kids and wanting the best for them, sometimes to our own detriment.

Why did I take so long to figure things out….

Sometimes God puts us on a path that we were meant to follow, its just that many of us don’t know that we are meant to be on the path at all. But my previous marriage break-up  led me to a different way of life, different way of thinking and a thirst for survival. I found ME and found MY PURPPOSE.   I guess I became an entrepreneur along the way!

Hope you enjoy my posts, if you do please show your appreciation and let me know by leaving me a comment below them.  Having your valuable feedback encourages me to share more….

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