If you are not a natural seller, what can you do to be successful at it?

I used to worry that I wouldn’t be good at ‘selling’ things in my network marketing company when I first started out.  However, because I was

passionate about the industry I was in, I found it easy to talk about the products to others.  And guess what?  The more I shared stories about the product and how good it was, the more ‘sales’ I received.

What I learned on this journey was that facts do tell people about the products and the industry you are in, and yes it can be impressive, or even dull in most cases, but the real stories about people using the products is what gets others interested in wanting to know a bit more.

Many years ago a Jim Rohn book I was ready said we should be good at telling stories.  He was a great story teller himself.  He had a way with words that captivated his audience, made you feel like you were the only one in the room, even though there were hundreds if not thousands of others.

Jim Rohn  always advocated, Facts TELL and Stories SELL!

So, that always stuck with me, be a good storyteller.  Let’s face it, many of us go by word of mouth these days, if you were getting your kitchen done, and a friend new of someone who recently go theirs done, they would automatically refer that person to you, and nine times out of ten, you would follow through with that and get a quote.  When, in Network Marketing the method of making sales is identical.  We are a referal marketing industry and alot of people you talk to are not going to join your business, well not first off anyway, but thats ok, you have not sprouted two heads or scales.  As for referrals, always always ask for referrals.  As them who do they now is ready to start up with you now.

Look at Michael Jordan, he wasnt a natural basket ball player, he just had the height, but he put in alot of effort, time and pratice to be the number on in his profession.

Colnel Sanders (yes the one of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame), he started his business in his 70’s, and he was rejected many times about his idea to have a chicken shop with his identical recipe for chicken in breadcrumbs.

Edison took over 10,000 tries to create a light bulb, and eventually he succeeded.  Image if he had give up earlier in the process, I would have found it very hard to survive in the winter dark days and nights.

So what if you suck at talking to people about your business, uou might have to start out with a script, but make that script yours, own it.  Keep talking to people daily, you will get better.  The more you talk the more you gain confidence, the more you find what works for you.

If you feel fearful picking up the phone, just do it! you never know if opportunity is on the end of the phone.  What can the caller do to you? All they can say is NO, sorry not interested.  But NO is never a NO it is only a NO not know, the timing isn’t right.

My point is, don’t quit.  All the above took years and years of practice and perfecting each area before tthese people were recognised as being superstars. Success never happens overnight, it is a journey, one that can take an eternity, or one that seems to escalate pretty quickly.   As the quote says, what you lack in talent you can make up for in desire, hustle and giving what you focus on 110%.

Sometimes you also have to remind yourself this, as it is easy to forget!

To your success!

So tell me what other tips or advice do you have to overcome the fear of not making sales in your business? Share the Gossip in the comments below,  we all want to learn and improve our game. 



New York, New York and Networking with Ray Higdon

Just got back from New York New York, so good they named it twice.

Spent a short weekend over in New York as part of a business networking event which my primary company hosted.

I had the good fortune to link up with Ray Higdon, blogger extraordinaire,  seven figure Network Market income earner and business coach to six and seven figure income earners within the network marketing industry.

We had superb training on how to connect with potential business partners both online and off-line, we had some great tips and even short Script  ideas for helping us to maximise contact with our cold market, warm market, and hot market.   I will be sharing these tips at some point on my blog.

So in today’s blog post what I really wanted to go over,is from part of a unique training meeting to a select few of individuals called Rank Makers. Although, that weekend Ray was down to attend our corporate event, as a Rank Maker, we had the fantastic opportunity of putting to him live question and answers in a private training one on one almost type forum.

Bottom line if you are serious about turning your side line business into your mainstream number one income earning machine, you not only have to change your mindset, you also have to be willing to do things you would not normally do, pay for your own training, self development and move your mindset and business strategies up a notch or two.

You see when you change your circle, to that of those who are like minded, who may have already walked in your footsteps, and are now leaps and bounds ahead of you, these are the people you need to associate with.  If you find you are the leader or head influencer in your circle, then it is time to move out of that circle and into a circle where you are the ‘newbie’ where you have to stretch yourself to be like the leaders in that new circle.  The is the only way you will grow yourself, and your business.

Have a mindset of no fear.  Let’s face it, if you have nothing to lose, then why fear nothing?

One thing I observed while at this training was that all the individuals there were playing at a higher level that the people I was used to being around.  This to me indicated I needed to move out of the current circle and move beyond to a much higher influencing circle in order for my mindset to develop further and for my business to grow.  I learned so much in such a short space of time during that weekend.  I made notes, as you do, and will share them with you over the course of time within my blog.



My 5 Top Tips To Increase Exposure In Your Business

This is a really short video which I broadcasted on Periscope earlier on today. In it on my five top tips to help you increase exposure in your business.

If you want your brand and your name out there, you have to increase your exposure to your audience.

In my short video I talk about building relationships, generating and increasing the exposure to new people and more.

Please do let me know your thoughts and if you have any tips on how you can also increase exposure I’d love to hear.

7 Ways to Win Friends

The mark of leadership is to take the lead to get to know people.  If you wait for the other person to build the foundation of friendship you end up with not many friends. 

Next time you are amongst people observe something very significant, the more important person present is the one person most active in introducing him / her self. 

In my short video below I have listed 7 ways to win friends and get to talk to people.  I was very very shy when I first started out, but these tips really helped me to grow my network and my confidence. 

If you have any other tips, feel free to leave them below in the comments.  Feel free to share this post if you found value in it.