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How To Get More Confident In Your Conversations

If you are a network marketer, and you lack confidence to pick up the phone, make calls, talk to people, approach people and tell people what you’re doing then read on. This short blog post has a wealth of information and knowledge that you can take away and start putting into action today. When you […]


GO Pro – How To Recruite 20 People in 30 Days – My Review

Another great book I was introduced to by my mentor Lara Zimmern is by one of the greatest network marketer and teachers out there at the moment –  Eric Worre. In my opinion, every network marketer and sales person needs to read this or listen to it, whether you are new or not, whether you […]

Eric Worre

Why Jumping From Company To Company Does Not Help You Get Rich!

Have you ever started out in one company and after 3 months or maybe a bit longer, decided it’s not for you, that you can make your money elsewhere.  Where the compensation plan is more lucrative, or the products are phenomenal, or because lots of top marketers are heading towards company x? I have been […]