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Peter Faulk - Columbo

What Watching Colombo taught me about Business

Who would have thought watching Columbo the detective show would have taught me so much about running a business. Well it was Sunday afternoon and I usually cook my Sunday dinner and watch Columbo with my mum, who has dementia, but she loves watching Columbo, so we watch it and comment on it together.  Sometimes, […]

My Hot 6 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Networking

Networking can be daunting if you are not used to it! However it is essential for building up contacts that may help you later on in your career or business.    Networking After an Event – The Bar is where most contacts and friendships are made!  Here I’m going to share some of the networking tips […]



My Top 10 Tips For New Entrepreneurs

Most people are looking for a way of earning an additional income on a monthly basis. It doesn’t matter where you are whether you are in the UK or overseas, economies are getting tighter and tighter. Taxes are increasing as time goes on. Jobs are shrinking, where we once upon a time you had a […]

Do You Have a Full Time Job You Want To Get Out Off? Here Are My Thoughts..

So many people make excuses about not having enough time to join a direct selling or network marketing business, yet if you look at how your day / time is structured, there are lots of opportunities to work on building a better future for yourself and your family. In my video below I go through […]

To Do List

Time Management: Daily Method Of Operation

If you think you’re busy with a full time job working 40 hours a week, most people would say they haven’t got time to do anything else. However if you want to change your life and your lifestyle, time can be found. Let’s break it down a little. You wake up in the morning, are […]