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You Want to Change But Don’t Have Time For Self Growth – yeah yeah yeah…

Sad isn’t it. most of us do not have time for ourselves let alone time for self improvement.  With a demanding 9-5 or sometimes 9-6 or 7pm job, expectations to work some weekends, when do you have time for family, travel, relaxation, self time?   Here is the thing with more and more people burning […]



John C Maxwell on Leadership and Life

25 Lessons Learned from John Maxwell Here are 25 key lessons that capture and distill what I think are some of the most important insights from John Maxwell: Leadership is influence.   Maxwell defines leadership as influence.  It’s simple, effective, and precise.  In The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, Maxwell says, “True leadership cannot be awarded, […]


12 Daily Steps You Should Add To Your Routine

Most of us have a daily routine we follow; If we haven’t you might want to check out my previous blog post whether it is written or not. I’m excited to share this with you today as I have just completed reading or should I say listening to John C Maxwell’s, Today Matters, in this he shares […]