Day 1/30 No Complaining

Day 1/30 #5secondrule No Complaining!

If you haven’t read the five second rule by Mel Robbins then you need to go and grab yourself a copy.

This is a great book and not just for business minded people. It is for people who have had depression, who find it hard to get up and move on with their life, for people who have had low self-esteem who want to gain more confidence in themselves, for people who doubt themselves, for people who want to improve themselves but don’t know how or where to start.

As part of reading her book, Mel offers coaching and 30 days of doing these actions will help you in your life.

So come along and follow me as I do them to.

Day 1/30

Instead of complaining today, think of all the things that you are thankful for, that you are lucky to have…

if you catch yourself about to complain, just use the five second rule, five, four, three, two, one …




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