Day 4/30 Problem Solving

So today’s message was all about solving the right problem. Is there a right or wrong problem?   I didn’t know there was a difference to be honest.   However there are some problems you just can’t solve, things like time.   When it is gone it is gone, and you can’t get it back and there is nothing you can do about it, so why worry or fret.  The most you can do is be more resourceful of time going forward.

Changing people  is another thing that you cannot change, the most you can do is change yourself, and the people around you will change accordingly.

So instead of spending time on things you can’t solve, look at what you can solve and work with it. The key is to recognise what you are able to change or influence, from what you are not able to do anything about.

Today’s challenge is write down a list of all your problems then go back and look at them and look at the ones that you can do something about and cross of the one that you can’t to do anything about it’s no point worrying about those.  

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