Holiday Bowel Moments….

Good morning from Acharavi in Corfu.  My partner and I are here for some Relaxation and Rest. Charging your batteries is equally important and what better way than taking a break in the lovely sunshine.  Today in the early hours I am blogging from the poolside.

I love the peace of the early mornings.  Only the birds and the breeze. Today I hear cockerels in the distance.  It is so surreal.  Sometimes you need to be taken back to nature, back to being close to source in an environment that encourages it.

Later on we will both be enjoying a seafront walk on the sand and a lite breakfast on the beach.  I don’t know about you, but who else has dietary problems when they are away from home?  I suffer with the change of diet when I go away, and tend to not go toilet as often as I should, therefore feel bloated and uncomfortable.  So how do you get around the change of diet?

Here Some of  my top tips:

We may become bloated because of the following:

  • Air flights and air pressure
  • Change of diet
  • Not enough fibre
  • Not enough water
  • Not enough fruit or vegetables.

So what can you do to get back on a regular flow? 

Whenever I go away I make sure I drink lots of water, normally more than I would at home.  So 2.5litres a day or more.   When are dehydrated, it makes it harder for our body to release toxins, so drinking more water not only makes it easier, but helps to keep you ‘regular’.

I always take my iaso tea with me. The handy satchets are easy to make up and have at any time in the day.  Normally on holiday I use it lunch time and evening before bed.  You can get iaso te from

I always bring with me some psyllium husk to sprinkle over my breakfast. This helps to keep me regular.

As always make sure you do lots of exercise because this will help loosen the bowels.  I love walking on holiday, I seem to do lots more than I normally do at home.

Until next time enjoy your day! 

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