Overcoming Adversity: We Can Learn From 2 Year Olds?

I have been spending time with my partner and his 2 year old grandson, who is very clever, but then so are most two year olds. Have you ever studied them? I think it’s pretty amazing how their mind works. How the human mind works!

CHild's PlayThis is the age where they can soak up just about anything right?  You just have to show them something once and they pick it up.


Overcoming Adversity

So I was watching this two year old playing with a semi-motorised car. He hadn’t quite got the hang of how to workout out how to make it go on its own. So he kept handing the car to his father when it stopped moving. His father patiently showed him how to make the car move on its own, however he kept returning the car back to his father and after a few moments his father said to him ‘you will have to try yourself’.

He did make up a little bit of a noise but when he saw that his father was firm, he patiently sat down and slowly began to work out how to make the car move on its own.

And this reminded me of nurturing someone new into your business. We have all done this and are guilty of handholding too much our new people. Maybe because we want them so badly to succeed.

People will become reliant on you to do things for them if you never show them how to do it and are always doing it for them.


Teach your new person to learn to fish!

One of the best things you can do for your new people is to show them how to be independent from day one. And like a parent you have to be firm, encourage, and support your new person like you would a child.

Help them to understand the business, help to put them into a routine so that they can begin to learn income producing activities from day one.

You want your new person to be independent of you. It is important that they realise you are there as a resource, to help support and guide, but not to do

It is important to set their expectations from day one. If they are to succeed in business it is up to them, if they fail in the business it is down to them.

Personal Development is Key To Developing Great Leaders

Get them to plug in to the weekly calls that you company have, these are there to help let you know what is going on with the company, and what is happening.  You will find out about promotions you should be running for, or evens coming up for you to promote and attend. 
Get them to put personal development on their daily routine at least 30 minutes a day either reading or listening to some sort of personal development.

In order to grow in your business you have to become a new person. You can’t be the same person who first joined a business, you have to develop your mindset, your leadership skills, your persuasion skills, your team skills. These may be skills you’ve never used in your previous roles, but is something really important for you to develop.

When you grow, you develop self-confidence. Confidence is what propels your business forward.

I have been listening to John C Maxwell’s The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth: Live Them and Reach Your Potential (Unabridged) and in it there is a chapter about growth, he mentions that for you to grow you have to be with people who are beyond the level you currently are, so that you can grow to their level. Much like a child being around and adult.  

If your circumstances that you are currently in do not allow you to grow, then you have to change that and go find new people to hang around with. 

I hope you have found this post of interest, please leave me your thoughts on overcoming adversity, how did you manage to do so and did it take you long?




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