Success Happens For Us Not To Us!

Listened to a motivational call today and it made me think…

If you have problems, don’t run away from them, life is teaching you lessons. If you didn’t have these problems or issues, you would not be able to cope with what other issues or problems comes to you. Life has a way of letting success happen FOR you, provided you take the steps to help yourself succeed.

Where you are, in your life right now? If you focus on the negatives, then more of that will follow. Whatever is happening in your life, is because of what you have been focussing on until now.

Most people don’t realise this and continue to moan, or be miserable or focus on the issue, rather than look outside of the issue to see what the lessons you are being taught by life. It is up to you to change things going forward.

You are able to get what you want in life, if you are able to manifest it. To be able to do this you need to have vision and objectives to help you focus. Don’t worry about HOW you will get there, just focus on the vision and the objective daily until whatever it is has manifested itself. The law of attraction works, you just have to have blind trusting faith in what ever it is you want that you will achieve this if you focus and believe.

Being grateful for the little things in life, will also help to bring your intention closer to you. Having a mindset of gratitude will make you see life in a more positive and focussed way.

Some people have a way about them, they critique even the smallest things, what they don’t realise is the negative vibes they are creating around themselves by doing this. This will only bring more negative vibes. For those that are around these people, if you begin to engage it will also bring you down to their level, and negativity will follow.

Life is far from perfect, so why look for perfection in everything you do? Nature is full of imperfect things, but they still create a vision of beauty.

Send out messages of gratitude daily and you will start to see changes in your life.

Success happens when you have vision and goals and take action to work towards them, success does not happen to us, it is something that is made up of hard work and years of effort.

Success happens FOR those who take action or steps to make it happen…

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5 Tips to Dismiss Negativity In Your Business And Your Life

positive vibes quote

Life is not full of roses and positivity all the time, there are moments when even the most inspired person feels down.

Here are 5 tips that I have used to help drag me out of a negative or ‘bad’ vibe and got me back on track to some good vibes. When we are in flow with the positive vibes in our own space, that is when the magic of opportunities start to happen.

1. Develop your mindset. Reading self development books, watching you tube motivation videos in areas where you feel you need to strengthen yourself will help to improve your mindset and confidence.

You are More than you think you are. Yes you are. You just have to look at ALL of your qualities. If you can’t see what they are, ask your friends, they will tell you the honest truth.

2. If you are not failing, you are not doing. By this I mean we all have to at least TRY something, right? If you are not trying SOMETHING then ultimately you are not doing ANYTHING, which means you are going no where.

However, when you go all out and try, but it doesn’t quite turn out right, then FAILING and learning from that failure, ensures you are MOVING FORWARD!

We have to move forward from our failures. Do you know that most successful people fail loads of times, but they learn from each failure and next time turn it into a success. So can you.

3. See the Positive in every Negative. Let’s face it, shit happens, we do get dealt some awful blows at a time when things seem to be going really really well. However, sometimes you just have to look deep into the situation to find out what the positive was. For instance, the other day my son had a car accident, (not his fault) and he felt so down, in fact distraught was more close to the truth… but what came out of it was that his car was fixed and had newer grills put on it. Now a few months before he was ‘moaning’ about the scratches and little stone dents on his bonnet, but now his bonnet was getting fixed as part of the claim. To me, that was a positive out of the negative, also the fact that a lesson learned was to be more aware of other drivers and what they are doing, and don’t second guess that they do know what they are doing!

4. Let it Go! Yep, just like the track Frozen, if you hold onto bad vibes, negative feelings, sadness too long it will bring you down, and possibly push those around you away. So just ‘let it go. There is nothing you can do about it anyway, but reflect and learn from the situation. Go out and have fun, watch a comedy, find the funny moment in the ‘bad’ event, do something to make you smile, the negative vibes will soon leave your body.

5. Look Forward, not back. Listen we were created with eyes in front of our heads, not behind us, so that gives you a clue as to where you should be looking right? Too often people get stuck in the past and keep looking back over old issues / problems. If you keep looking back, you won’t see a new door or opportunities opening up for you.

If you do some if not all of these things, your life will turn itself around and you will discover that there is more in life, through the lessons life dishes out. Yes every trial and challenge is a lesson life has for YOU especially, and if you don’t take head of that lesson life keeps repeating the lesson until you GET IT!

Why You Should Have A Blog If You Are In Business

If you have an online business then it is essential you also have a blog.

Just a few years back blogging was seen as geeky, not now.

bloggingBlogging can become a serious money making tool. In some ways it’s better than a shop front.

With a blog you can define your niche and build on it.

You can have your blog as your shop front.

You can promote sales, competitions and let customers know what is happening in your business. More importantly you can generate leads!

Leads = List= Freedom = Money

Many business people, especially those offline, do not see the benefits of blogging, and maybe it’s time to take a step back and look at how you can generate new customers using a blog.

More and more people are heading online, event if only to check if products are available at stores etc. so this is a great reason to set up a blog.

As you know by guest posting you are putting your blog posts to another audience which will serve to increase your audience and your list. We all want to increase our reach out there in the world wide web.

Look for other marketers in your niche and ask to do guest posts.

Marketing through blogging is another thing entirely and if you don’t have a marketing strategy you may need to be looking at writing to no one!

Blogging helps you to build rapport with customers, and also builds creditability for you also, particularly if you have lots of shares and comments.

You can blog about anything, take examples from around you, thing syou are passionate about, your kids, your experiences, from lessons learned that day or lessons from life itself.

If you market your blog correctly you can earn money from it.

You can earn money advertising space on your blog, if it is a niche area and if you have a high number of visitors each day or month.

You can market your affiliate products on your blog and get additional income.

If you already have a blog you may want to look through getting this reviewed. There are a number of sites that can review your blog and give you a report on how versatile it is for SEO, how you could improve your blog speed, or blog visitors. It is worthwhile the investment if your blog is your key method for generating your online business.
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3 Ways You Can Make Money Online

So you are looking at ways you can earn an extra income online, or working from home part time?

Network Marketing, Direct Selling or Multi Level Marketing is a great business concept to help you achieve that.

If you have never had an online business before, or indeed are not aufait with the internet world of marketing, then starting out in online business can be quite daunting.



According to the Direct Selling Association (DSA)

A record 20.5 million people were involved in direct selling in the United States
in 2016, a 1.5% increase from the previous year. These people are affiliated with
direct selling companies, and are eligible to purchase products at a discount,
and resell them at a profit. They are also eligible to sponsor others to do the
5.3 million are building independent businesses as direct sellers,
meaning they are actively managing a customer base and possibly sponsoring
others to do the same. 800,000 of these people are full-time and 4.5 million
are part time.
In addition,15.2 million others receive a discount on products and services that they
personally enjoy and use. Estimated direct retail sales of
$35.54 billion in 2016 is the second most in direct selling history.

Three Ways You Can Make Money Online

There are three ways you can make money on the internet

1.selling products,

2.selling services

3.selling information.

Selling Products:

There is alot of products out there, so you should look at a number of things when consider this area.

Such as

  • What products would YOU be comfortable using / talking about? Note I have not mentioned the SELLING….
  • Are they consumables? How often will customers be re-ordering from you? *(Side note – With Consumables, they may have a limited geographical selling range, as legally you need to obtain agreement from individual countries to allow your consumables to be sold in those countries, this is something that can take months if not years to gain agreement. Some countries have strict controls over chemicals, and consumable products that enter their markets.)
  • Are you expected to ‘store’ products in your living room, or garage?
  • DO they have limited sell by dates?
  • Can you or your family use the products in your normal day to day and will it help save on shopping bills?
  • Are the products ‘unique’

Selling Services

There are a lot of people now selling different types of services online, such as Coaching, personal training, virtual assistant services, financial services and more. This is a very niche market, and you may need qualifications and a required skill set

Selling Information?

If you don’t want a products based or service based business, then look at ‘information’ based business. Training content, business content, technical content, you get the drift.

With the information business it may take time to create the content, but if you do this once you can then sell the information over and over.

What to consider

So where do you ultimately start? First always do your due diligence.

Don’t try to find the ‘best online business’, or home business because there isn’t any one in particular that anyone can recommend. Instead, go with what you would be happy to use, sell, or provide. If the home business connects with you, then look into it further.

Try not to sign up straight away, leave it for a day to mull over the information you have just gone through intensely. Go over it again, and if you have any questions or queries get in touch with the site owner for more detail.

If your home business has a product line, are they consumables, information, or services? Does the DSA (Direct Selling Association), or any other governing body govern them. This is a sign that they have to abide by certain business ethics. Look at the companies policies, ethics and if they have a head office, check out the head office ratings.

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Wolf Pack Leadership

The first 3 wolves are omega wolves (the older or sick so they set the pace of the group).

The following are the 5 strongest wolves of the group.

In the middle remaining members of the pack, and at the end of the pack the other 5 stronger.

Yet the last, alone, follows the alpha wolf. It controls everything from the back. That position allows alpha to lead the pack, decide the direction to follow and anticipate the attacks of opponents.

The pack follows the rhythm and the pace of the elders and the head of command that creates the environment of mutual

help not leaving anyone behind.

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