Giving Gratitute Can Help You Achieve More Out Of Life

What are you most grateful for in your life right now?  I never used to think of things such as having a roof over my head, food on my table has been something to be grateful for. But as I got older, and seeing people in situations worse off than me, that’s when gratitude started to sink in.

You see when you’re young, you just live, you just get on with life, you don’t think about how things be or how they get there.

I want you to take a moment and think about all the small things in your life that you are thankful for, for being able to wake up this morning, for being able to have sight to read this blog post, or maybe you’re grateful for good health, a roof  over your head

When you wake up each morning and are thankful and grateful for the little things in life, you will notice your life beginning to change. You will also notice  more and more things to be grateful for.

When you are truly thankful and grateful for something your energy changes, if you were sad, or negative before, you will notice that you now feel more energised and positive.

Practice gratitude each and every day, it will keep you uplifted positive and more energised.


Gratitude can can help you achieve your goals

Once you have set up a daily practice of being grateful, notably first thing in the morning just after waking. You might then go on to be thankful and grateful for the goals that you have set yourself for that day, but believe that you have already achieved them and be thankful and grateful to having achieved them.

Your mind is a powerful weapon which can be used to help you or to pull you down. Most people do not know how to use the mind in a positive way, and therefore it is left to rule itself .   Are you giving your mind instructions on a daily basis as to what you want to achieve, where you want to be by the end of the day, and telling your mind thank you for helping me to get to where I want to be,  is the most powerful bit of instruction you can say to yourself .

More importantly, why are you are telling your mind, or your brain these things, you should also feel as if you’ve already achieved it be truly grateful and experience how you feel During and after achieving your goal.

By putting this feeling out there you are vibrating your thoughts your feelings and your goals, and likewise the vibrations will come back to you which are on the same wave length.  This is how goals are achieved.


To help you stay focused you can practice the following:

  • Look at three things you are grateful for each day
  • Look at three things that you will do  that will make a difference to your day
  • Make a note of practising gratitude today and every day.

Let me know how you get on practising gratitude. I personally keep a journal of all the things I am grateful for and writing this as soon as I feel grateful for something that has come up in my life.

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Self Talk – The Realisation

In todays post I wanted to go through how important it is to have a more positive mental attitude.  It is so important how you talk to yourself internally.  It really does affect your confidence, your ability to function and many other areas in your life.

I know from first hand experience.  My life changed over 15 years ago now ever since I went on a personal journey to find myself.

Listen up to my short podcase (5 minutes) on how important self realisation is and what you can do to get around negativity within you.


Let me know your thinking below 🙂

It’s Official, Mindfulness can help with your Menopause Symptoms

Its official Mindfulness, and creating a positive environment can help with the menopause.   It is something I have always advocated in my personal life, having a personal mindset.  But having read this article it brings out a lot of what those of us already in the ‘know’ teach and practice.

Meditation, self talk, improving your outlook on life, how you talk to yourself all adds to creating a much positive experience to help you get through these difficult times.

So I will let you go and have a read yourselves, just follow the link below.

Do come back to my blog and let me know your thoughts on this….

New York, New York and Networking with Ray Higdon

Just got back from New York New York, so good they named it twice.

Spent a short weekend over in New York as part of a business networking event which my primary company hosted.

I had the good fortune to link up with Ray Higdon, blogger extraordinaire,  seven figure Network Market income earner and business coach to six and seven figure income earners within the network marketing industry.

We had superb training on how to connect with potential business partners both online and off-line, we had some great tips and even short Script  ideas for helping us to maximise contact with our cold market, warm market, and hot market.   I will be sharing these tips at some point on my blog.

So in today’s blog post what I really wanted to go over,is from part of a unique training meeting to a select few of individuals called Rank Makers. Although, that weekend Ray was down to attend our corporate event, as a Rank Maker, we had the fantastic opportunity of putting to him live question and answers in a private training one on one almost type forum.

Bottom line if you are serious about turning your side line business into your mainstream number one income earning machine, you not only have to change your mindset, you also have to be willing to do things you would not normally do, pay for your own training, self development and move your mindset and business strategies up a notch or two.

You see when you change your circle, to that of those who are like minded, who may have already walked in your footsteps, and are now leaps and bounds ahead of you, these are the people you need to associate with.  If you find you are the leader or head influencer in your circle, then it is time to move out of that circle and into a circle where you are the ‘newbie’ where you have to stretch yourself to be like the leaders in that new circle.  The is the only way you will grow yourself, and your business.

Have a mindset of no fear.  Let’s face it, if you have nothing to lose, then why fear nothing?

One thing I observed while at this training was that all the individuals there were playing at a higher level that the people I was used to being around.  This to me indicated I needed to move out of the current circle and move beyond to a much higher influencing circle in order for my mindset to develop further and for my business to grow.  I learned so much in such a short space of time during that weekend.  I made notes, as you do, and will share them with you over the course of time within my blog.