The Law of Attraction Wishes You a Happy New Year!

First of wishing you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year full of abundance and all you wish for in life!

This morning’s personal development had me thinking about starting my year off right.  You see, we all know about the ‘law of attraction’ and must have heard of or read ‘the secret by Rhonda Bryne’ at some point in your life right?

So how come you have never been able to tap into the ‘law of attraction’ or gotten what you really wanted?  Have you thought about that?

positive thinking

So my goal setting for 2017 has some pretty BIG goals, and if I am honest I don’t have a clue how these are going to pan out, and they scare me totally, but I decided I am going to use the principle of the ‘law of attraction’ to get it.

It has been around 10 years possibly longer that I have known about the law of attraction, and have managed to use it now and then successfully.  However, what I have found is that it is hard to tap into this frequently, until now that is.

A light bulb moment this morning through reading another book ‘Excuse me your life is waiting’ by Lynn Grabhorn filled in the final piece of the puzzle.

Aha moment!

So what was it? I hear you all asking.  Let me explain first how I got to my aha moment.

It takes 16 seconds or thereabouts of dedicated focus for you to get whatever you want to come your way, good or bad.

Most of us, who may seem at large  very positive people, we hold a lot of negativity around us, unintentionally of course.   We sub-consciously thinking about the ‘what we don’t want’ in life,

we don’t want to get sick

we don’t want more bills

we don’t want a parking ticket when we go out

we don’t want bad seats at the theatre, etc…

Have you ever said this to yourself….

I bet when we get there blah blah blah happens?


Knowing my luck ……. fill in the blank

Yes, this is all negative talk!

The some of us who try to remain positive still think negatively unintentionally.

I want to feel better

I want to not get a parking ticket

I want no more bills

but in reality all you are doing is still focusing on the things you don’t want.

So this got me thinking about what I was focussing on this morning.  Now last night I had a bit of a tiff with my partner, I let him wind me up, notice my language here.  However, if I had chosen to ignore it, I would have been fine but I let it carry on into this morning, so the vibration I had was low (negative), therefore I found I just couldn’t lift myself up to be positive.  The situation was vibrating in my body and zapping my positive energy.

So Lynn was saying that what ever you are vibrating you will bring more of, because it is on the same frequency.  Think of a tuning fork, when you have a room full of tuning forks and you set only ONE of them off, then only those that have the same vibration will begin to hum also.  Similarly with our thoughts that we send out in the universe, when we vibrate negative thoughts, then those with a similar vibration come back, and you experience one bad event after another.  However, when you send out positive vibrations, then more come your way, some may see these as opportunities, fate, luck but in reality you put out what you wish to receive more of.

SO how do you know when you are feeling positive or negative vibes?

When you wake up first thing how do you feel? If you have an anxious feeling, or bad feeling then you can guarantee you are in a negative vibes. If you don’t feel good, warm or in a good place, then you are in a negative vibration or low energy mode.  What you will find is that more low energy will be attracted to you, and you may feel irritated by others, stub your toe coming out of bed, find there is no milk for your cereal.. etc

If however you wake up feeling happy, loved, full of energy and feel blessed, then you are most definitely in a positive vibration mode.  More positive things will be attracted to you, you get a call out of the blue offering a job in the area you really wanted, or someone offer you an opportunity in a lifetime but based on where you are now in your life and where you want to get to etc,


Can you change your negative thinking to become more positive?

The answer is YES always.

You need to realise however when you are in a low vibration mood, and just by saying thank you for the little things that you are grateful for in life, can slowly lift those negative thoughts and put you in a more warm, and loving place, therefore making you feel happy.

Lynn was saying that it takes just 16 seconds of dedicated focus on anything to set up your mood, so be wary and don’t dwell on the negatives in life for too long.

SO lastly, I want you all to look at life as one big catalogue where everything in it is available and is yours if you ask for it.

Wishing you prosperity and good health for 2017!


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