Things I Have learned to change my life story so can you… 


You’ll often hear things like the time is hard, the economy is bad, there are no jobs, she is lucky, when things are better, etc etc etc.
Truth is that might be true but it’s also true that while some are complaining others are planning. Even when there are no jobs companies are employing. When the economy is bad business are thriving and some are starting up. 
Here are a few things I learnt from my mentors and LIFE. 

Very simple things you can do to change your situation, condition, path, and your results. 
1. Instead of going to work on the economy go to work on you. (Jim Rohn) 
2. Ask the question why? But don’t stop there. Also ask why not? Then go a little further and ask why not me? Then test yourself and ask why not now? 
3. Work harder on yourself than your job. A Job will make you a living while your personal development will earn you a fortune. (Jim Rohn) 
5. Always do more than you’re getting paid for. That’s how you earn an increase and a promotion. 
6. Do more for others than the average person will. That makes someone happy and you’ll feel happiness inside. 
7. Always leave the places you encounter better than you found it. It will make the world a better place. 
8. Look for problems only with an intention of finding the solutions. Billions are paid to inventors. 
9. Always remember the creator. He’s the one who will make this possible. 
Catch you later as we meet again on the long never ending journey to success and fulfilling our purpose here on earth. #workfmhomediva

About Colette Morris

Colette Morris writes about her life and business experiences and insights. She is passionate about Healthy Living, and giving back to society in any way she can. A very determined lady an excellent motivator and leader who loves a challenge. She is also a very down to earth and family orientated person. If you get value from her posts, be sure to leave a comment and let her know.