When You Enjoy What You Do It Is Not Work!

A few months ago, I was working for the
government in a regular 9-5 job.  It was only 18months prior to that, where I had left a previous employer to work for this new employer.

We have all been there right, where you feel undervalued, stale and the red tape gets to you and beats you down.  So I decided to look around for a more challenging role.

CEO Ryan Blair - NST Atlanta 13

CEO Ryan Blair – NST Atlanta 13

I thought I had found that in my new government job.  It was initially exciting, a big learning curve for me, which got my juices flowing, I was being paid an extra £10k more than in my previous role, so of course I was excited by the changes and challenges ahead.

Then something changed for me.

Three months after starting my new job I was approached by a lovely lady called Lara who told me about an exciting new business heading our way into the UK.  Funnily enough the previous month I had been thinking about stating up an online health business again, but was looking at what opportunities where out there.


Isn’t it weird, when you put your intentions out into the universe, things come to you in ways you never imagined.

I never gave it a second thought I checked out the company online, did the google search thing, found all the good and the bad and the dirty on the company, went to see a business presentation and was struck by the integrity and down to earth approach of the presenters.  We had the Co Founder join us in a transatlantic call, and his vision seemed to transcend into the room.  I was hooked, and it all began from there. 

Earnest Ross Vi Millionnaire

Earnest Ross PT & Vi Millionnaire

So, I started this part time business opportunity (Plan B) while working my main job (PLAN A), but somewehre along the way my PLAN B turned into my PLAN A.  When I looked at my WHY, it had changed, and now more focussed on my new reasons for working for ME INC, made me determined to get out of my full time job sooner rather than later. 

It is no fun when you get up in the morning and struggle to get out of bed.  I hated the thought of drudging into the office.  Working in near silence.  Put under pressure to complete reports, audits, and the like for what purpo
se, who would read the reports anyway.  I didn’t feel what I was doing was adding to anyone’s life, or improving anyone’s life in any way.  My ‘ooomph’, left me.  I started to resent the way in which I was spoken to by others who had no idea on the area I was in, but all of a sudden became ‘experts’ trying to out smart me and make me look silly.  I didn’t need to play classroom games at that stage in my life. 

I had turned 50 last year and it hit me…….

If I don’t go and follow my passion and do what I want to do NOW, when will I go do this, or WILL I ever be able to do this!

So after much debating with myself and my family, I went ahead and resigned earlier this year to go follow my passion of helping people lose weight and change their lives by improving their health and their bank balance while fighting obesity especially amongst children.

Diet is so simple, and yet difficult to get right.  For the first time ever parents will live longer than their children – due to obesity and inactivity.

When you help enough people get what they want, you will have what you want! Zig Zigler

I have found when you work for yourself you work harder, smarter and with more loving care and attention than any other time in your life. You become driven and passionate to succeed and most importantly to help bring up others along the way.

You find a new air of authority around you, a positive mindset, encouraging attitude, and quiet determination to succeed at all costs.

Qualifying for Regional Director in 45 Days getting a Free BMW


Let’s face, life is not meant to be easy, but it does get easier when you start enjoying what you do.

There will be sacrifices you have to give up short term, like putting little ‘Molly’ to bed, attending school plays, being at cousin Jane’s wedding, and so forth, but if you have the foresight to see that this is only for a short time, for the longer term benefits of being there for the important moments in your loved ones life going forward, and being able to offer and have more memorable moments together. That is what being a successful six or seven figure income earner is all about. Sacrifices short term for longer term gain……

 Not many are cut out to be entrepreneurs, in fact only 3% succeed, are you in that small percentage of people who have what it takes to succeed, time dedication and focus. 

What many forget is that you work for 30-40 years of your life in a corporate job, to retire on something like £20k a year or less, these days we have mortgages to pay even beyond the age of 65, bills to pay and supposedly that is when life for you should be beginning.  But will you be able to take the cruises, holidays, buy yourself a new car, and treat the kids by helping out with the cost of weddings or helping them with a deposit for their first home? Sadly not. Many are forced to continue working until the age of 70 or more. 

More and more younger professionals are giving up their full time jobs and seeking entrepreneurialism, wanting to work for themselves, or going off and doing what they enjoy and love.  Chasing their dreams.  These Gen Y age group are fast becoming the norm, as it gets harder for them to find full time well paid jobs.

Are you happy with the job you are in? Are you happy with the life you are currently living? If not, it may be time to look into your own life and see what else there is, in order for you to fullfill you destiny and dreams. 


To your success…


Let me know how you feel about the job or work that you do by leaving a comment below. 


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