You Want to Change But Don’t Have Time For Self Growth – yeah yeah yeah…

Too Busy?Sad isn’t it. most of us do not have time for ourselves let alone time for self improvement.  With a demanding 9-5 or sometimes 9-6 or 7pm job, expectations to work some weekends, when do you have time for family, travel, relaxation, self time?  

Here is the thing with more and more people burning out early, or waking up to the reality of ‘this is for the rest of my life’ syndrome, something has to give… usually it is our health. 

We spend so much time being busy over nothing that makes us busy, check it out… you go online for a purpose to sort out your car insurance say, you then get way laid by the ‘notifications’ that pop up telling you about what so and so just shared on facebook, linkedin, or twitter or whatever the social medium is.. you go in a take a peak, you scroll through the newsfeed and




There is your busy time right there… your killing it being busy doing nothing on facebook or being distracted.  So you want to find a way out of the 40 – 60 hour work week that is slowly killing you and your family, love life… 

I got news for you, you have to make time…. Make time to make changes, if you don’t make changes to your mind, your outlook on life, your mindset, how will you ever begin to climb out of the place where you are now?  


As Albert Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that got you into the

problem in the first place…



to find yourself 30 minutes a day where you can go do some personal development, this can be watching you tube videos on motivation, leadership, mindsest, self esteem, you name it, there is a book or video out there for you to get your CHANGE on. Whether you have ever dreams of working for YOU INC, or to change your job role / profession, you can do this, but you have to make the time. 

My Tips for creating time:

1. Go bed a little earlier – listen to an audio book or / do some mediation 

2. Set your alarm clock 1/2 hour earlier and make that time to go GYM, Read or take a course

3. When you come home, don’t turn on the TV make some time to be with your family, or go out instead as a family

4. Make your car a university – Put on a self growth CD in your car while you drop the kids off to school or drive to work, you and your kids will benefit from it. 

5. Listen to you tube or an audio book when you work out

Now doing all this is great, but more importantly you have to take ACTION with it 🙂 

So now that I’ve given you tips on where you can create a little time, you can then go out there and take massive action and get the change you want in your life and circumstances. 

Personally, for this month’s self growth I am listening to Developing the Leader Within You (Maxwell, John C.)


 Your turn, now tell me what are your excuses for not having time, or what things are you doing to make additional time? Comments welcomed below 🙂 


About Colette Morris

Colette Morris writes about her life and business experiences and insights. She is passionate about Healthy Living, and giving back to society in any way she can. A very determined lady an excellent motivator and leader who loves a challenge. She is also a very down to earth and family orientated person. If you get value from her posts, be sure to leave a comment and let her know.